Intermittent Extract Fans

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Classic on and off ventilation for all rooms and applications including SMART humidity and timer control options

What is intermittent extract and how does it work?

Intermittent Extract is a classic method of ventilation and identified as System 1 in the Building Regulations. The provision of ON-OFF ventilation through 'in room' extractorfans - bathrooms, kitchens WC's etc and background ventilators located in windows and walls.

System 1 is recognised as Energy Neutral in SAP, however Guaranteed Installed Performance is high on the agenda with this type of system and onsite testing is increasing.

Building Regulation Requirements ADF : 2010

The Building Regulations ADF:2010 set out the requirements for intermittent ventilation are detailed in the table below.

They are based on aiflow performance requirements for specific room types:

Building Regulations Part F

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