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Select 100

Axial 100mm bathroom extractor fan

The Select 100 range of bathroom and WC extractor fans are ideal for today's new build projects, designed to comply with the airflow rates as laid out in Building Regulations ADF: 2010. Providing typical 'ON-OFF' ventilation or intermittent extract, the axial flow fan is suitable for wall and ceiling installations in houses and apartments.

  • 100mm axial flow fan which is widely specified in refurbishment projects, including social housing Decent Homes and responsive maintenance

  • Flexible installation options including wall and ceiling with up to 3m of 100mm ducting

  • Wide range of control options including SELV extra low voltage for additional safety in wet rooms; AXS100, AXS100PC, AXS100T, AXS100TR, AXS100HT, AXS100SVIT, AXS100SVIHT

  • Built in guide vanes improve installed airflow performance to ensure compliance with regulations

  • Select 100 range has been designed to include anti-backdraught shutters to help reduce heat loss when the fan is not in operation

  • Design eliminates issues with crushing when connecting to flexible ducting during installation to ensure performance is maintained

  • Axial impellor design has flat surfaces that easily reduce any dirt build up during installation and operation lifetime

  • A classically styled fan with a matching Select 150 range for kitchens and utility rooms

  • Low running costs for tenants

  • 2 year warranty

  • Complies to: low voltage directive & EMC compatibility directive

  • CE marked

  • IPX4 rated

  • UKAS accreditation

  • IPX7 SELV models

  • Complies with system 1

  • Suitable for zone 1 and 2

Did you know?

The Select bathroom fans range was first launched in the 1970s and has undergone many design changes within its 40 year history. Today it continues to be widely specified across social housing projects in the UK.

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