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About Us

Who are Greenwood?


Greenwood was founded in 1879 and today is a market leader in the design, manufacture and specification of SMART ventilation systems for new build and refurbishment residential markets.

Owned by the Zehnder Group, today we operate from our Carbon Neutral head office and are putting performance (Guaranteed Installed Performance) at the heart of everything we do. We have invested in our products, services and people to deliver the best ventilation experience for the specifier, the installer, the homeowner or really anyone who interacts with it during a build or refurbishment project.

Unity CV3 - the next generation of continuous ventilation

fan is also labelled GIP!

With a broad product range we offer a full ventilation mix including traditional and classic intermittent extractor fans for bathrooms and kitchens - silent ones, discreet ones or decorative ones, whole house ventilation with heat recovery (some with highly accredited PassiveHaus certification), innovative semi-rigid ducting systems and an entire passive ventilation offering for windows including Solvents and over-frame vents in various colours and sizes. We also specialise in acoustic products for new developments with external noise issues.

Set up on tap no mistakes CV3.jpg

We are all about Guaranteed Installed Performance (G.I.P)


G.I.P (Guaranteed Installed Performance) is quite a simple philosophy really - it brings performance to the very top of the agenda which is in line with Building Regulations - after all ventilation is in place for people, so why would you install something that was supposed to be doing a job and it wasn't or, more to the point, couldn't do its job??

Easier, Better and SMARTer than anyone else

Our products are designed specifically for our core markets and are underpinned by our continual work and discussion with them. We provide solutions to problems, so if mould and condensation, noise or installation applications are your issues we have solutions to solve them.



SMART Technology is a fusion of sensors, controls and design styles that essentially make ventilation SMARTer for the person who has to install it and, ultimately, the end user in the home. SMART Technology tackles issues such as nuisance running (especially in the middle of the night), unnecessary heat loss and incorrect installation and set-up.


There is so much more to tell you about who we are and what we stand for, all of which is underpinned by our strong heritage (just a mere 140 years of trading) - so we'll let our products, blogs, news stories and projects do the rest...

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