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Social Housing

What is Social Housing?


Social homes are provided by housing associations (not-for-profit organisations that own, let, and manage rented housing) or a local council. As a social tenant, you rent your home from the housing association or council, who are your landlord.

Common issues to be found within Social housing properties:

Condensation and Mould:


In its simplest form, damp is caused by condensation. As the temperature falls, condensation rises, creating moisture on windows each morning which will eventually cause mould and damp.

Inadequate Ventilation:


Poor ventilation occurs when the systems of controlling airflow inside the property have failed. Indoor air quality is determined by how much fresh air is entering the building and how effective it is at removing contaminated air.

Poor Insulation:


Condensation is a very common form of damp where moisture generated through everyday living condenses on cold surfaces.

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