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Silent Shower Kit

Silent Shower Kit and Induct Fan

The Silent Range of bathroom and kitchen extractor fans have been designed to eliminate one of the major issues people have in their bathrooms - NOISY FANS!

The range of shower and induct fans have been designed in response to customers who want to retain high performance from a quality product but who want ventilation without nuisance noise! The range is designed to offer an effective, safe ventilation solution for installation immediately above the shower cubicle, bath or in the bathroom ceiling. This type of installation requires a more powerful motor as the extracted air will usually have further to travel than a standard through wall installation as it is typically fitted with the duct running in a loft space and out through the soffit.

  • Silent fan range is 70% quieter than standard or conventional bathroom extractor fans when operating

  • Available as replacement induct fans only or as the complete shower kit; SR100BSK, SR100TSK, SR100LTSK

  • Basic wired to light switch or timer control options available; SRD100, SRD100T

  • Low profile design for an aesthetically pleasing finish

  • 2 year warranty

  • CE marked

  • IPX4 rated

  • Suitable for zone 1 and 2

The shower kit contains the following;

  • 1 x Inline Duct fan 1 x Mounting foot for duct fan

  • 1 x Internal grille

  • 1 x External grille 3m Flexi ducting

  • 1 x 20w light

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