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Building Regulations & performance Requirements

The Building Regulations require ventilation in all new-build or refurbishment commercial premises, where planning permission is required. They work by identifying the technical requirement for;

  1. Rapid ventilation, such as opening windows.
  2. Background ventilation e.g window vent, airbricks
  3. Mechanical Extract Ventilation either user or automatic operation

For maximum efficiency, careful planning for the installation, size and number of fans is required. This can be calculated by
the following advice:

Performance Requirements

  1. Calculate the volume of room (length x width x height) in cubic metres.
  2. Identify the room usage in the list below for the recommended number of air changes per hour.
  3. Multiple the room volume by the number of air changes to obtain the required air extract rate (m3/h-1).
  4. Select the fan model that has a performance at least equal to this extract rate from our commercial range.
  5. If no single fan meets the required extract rate, divide the rate by the performance of selected fans to establish the quantity of fans required.
Building Regulations Guidance
Additional Guidance

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