The Greenwood Story since 1879

1879 was a great year...

As well as the birth of the Greenwood company, brand and product range, 1879 saw the introduction of a number of other classics including ´╗┐the electric light-bulb, the first cash register and even the first electric train! It was a fantastic year all round!

A quick summary of our journey in Greenwood.

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Mr Thomas Wooton Greenwood starts the company in Manchester and the first ventilator is manufactured under the Greenwood brand.

In 1938, Greenwood acquired new company premises in Wembley and continued to trade successfully developing new ventilation products for different applications, focusing specifically on passive and smoke ventilation products.

We still have in our posession some of first pieces of marketing literature designed!

In 2001 Greenwood took a very bold step with their product portfolio and launched the 'Environmental Range' - a collection of whole house ventilation systems including central extract and heat recovery - one of the very first manufacturers in the UK to do so. This brand new range came with the strap line 'improve the living environment' and transformed the brand, message and direction of the company, focusing much more on people and lifestyle and on applying ventilation metholdogy to achieve whole house ventilation rates, rather than prescriptive room based extract fan applications.

As a core part of this environmental launch and transformation, Greenwood developed deeper relationships with clients and specifiers by extending their services to include design and consultation. This saw the launch of the AutoCAD Design Service allowing customers to send in plans and drawings and ventilation designs to be created including where to fix the unit and where to run ducting.

This design service is still very much a fundamental part of our service to customers today and, with Guaranteed Installed Performance (GIP) at the forefront of people's mind, continues to add value to clients, specifiers and installers alike.

Following the revision of the Building Regulations and the introduction of performance based, whole house ventilation, Greenwood launched the first ever dMEV solution to the new build market - a brand new continuously running, low energy , constant volume fan which revolved around one concept - a single solution for the bathroom and kitchen.

Greenwood were the first ventilation manufacturers to invent the dMEV fan. Unity CV100 was the very first fan to challenge the existing design of extractor fans, introducing a discreet fascia plate, rather than an open louvered grille. Since the invention of Unity CV100 back in 2003, we have launched the the next generation CV2 and now our first ever contact less fan the Unity CV3.

In 2008, the business was acquired by The Zehnder Group.

With a story that started in Switzerland back in 1895 with the manufacturing of motorcycles, today, the Zehnder Group is a specialist in heating, cooling, fresh air and clean air. In addition to radiators for both the commercial and residential markets, the product portfolio also includes heating and cooling radiant panels, climate control systems and air filtration units.

Today the Zehnder Group are committed to creating energy-efficient solutions for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

In the UK, Greenwood is one of 3 business segment brands which cover residential, commercial and industrial markets, offering heating, cooling, fresh air and clean air solutions.

A decade later Greenwood is going stronger than ever. Our products are widely specified around the UK and come with outstanding quality record and oodles of technical expertise and support. We know there is so much to digest and understand so make use of our knowledge - we are always here to help.