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The Centair range is made from high grade polypropylene which assists in maintaining low running noise levels

The low energy Centair continuously running whole house extract system is ideal for apartments and houses. The HT model is available with additional SMART technology for humidity and timer sensor controls.

Centair CMEV.4eHT is a whole house central extract unit that continuously extracts from all of the wet rooms in a property and works in conjunction with background ventilators to comply with System 3 of the Building Regulations as laid out in ADF: 2010.

  • One of the most energy efficient MEV systems available in the UK with SFP as low as 0.16 W/l/s for SAP reward

  • A Greenwood GIP product to assist in the delivery of Guaranteed Installed Performance

  • Designed with low energy and efficient EC motors for low running costs

  • Discreet installation - concealed in a cupboard or loft space

  • Low running noise, as low as 9dB(A) on trickle speed

  • Includes Greenwood SMART technology for easier installation and better ventilation all round

  • Two models available: CMEV.4e (low energy) and CMEV.4eHT (with additional SMART humidity and timer controls)

What else should you know about CMEV.4e/HT?

  • Rewarded for efficiency in SAP Centair is the most energy efficient choice for the MEV ventilation methodology and is also a compact design (one of the smallest on the market) making it ideal for apartments and small properties that usually don’t have the window space for all of the trickle vents required with traditional ‘on and off’ extract fans.

  • Greenwood SMART technology: Greenwood HumidiSMART™ Unlike others, Centair CMEV.4eHT benefits from patented Greenwood technology that boosts ventilation in response to man-made humidity spikes detected within the living space. What sets this apart from the rest is that it can distinguish between a hot humid summer's evening and a man-made activity such as cooking or showering, when ventilation is required to eliminate issues with mould and condensation.

  • Greenwood TimerSMART™ To eliminate nuisance running, nuisance noise and unnecessary energy consumption, the overrun timer designed into the Centair CMEV.4eHT unit is SMART! Greenwood TimerSMART technology uses occupancy duration to determine the length of overrun at boost speed, e.g. in the bathroom for 10 minutes, overrun for 10 minutes. This is unlike any other ventilation system of its kind as traditional timers use a generic and standard timer, e.g. 15 minutes every single time the boost or light switch is activated.

  • Greenwood CommissionSMART™ Installer happiness is on our agenda and Greenwood GIP products with 100% adjustability are always designed in conjunction with Greenwood CommissionSMART technology that makes life simple on-site for installers. For Centair CMEV.4e and CMEV.4eHT, simple pot controls are located at the top of the unit giving an easy and accessible set-up and commissioning process for Building Regulation compliance and making it so easy to adjust at any point post installation.

  • Bend it - shape it - any way you want it! New ducting options. Centair CMEV.4e and CMEV.4eHT can be installed in conjunction with the latest development in residential ducting systems. ComfoTube is a range of semi-rigid ducting products which is supplied on long rolls and negates the need for tapes and sealants, reducing connections by up to 75% in one installation! Robust in construction, ComfoTube is the perfect ancillary for whole house ventilation systems and further assists in the delivery of Guaranteed Installed Performance. More information about ComfoTube ducting can be found here.

  • No fuss installation One of the fastest units to install with fixing holes designed to hold screws when mounting to a surface.

  • From inside to out Energy efficient EC motor, five extract spigots, wall or ceiling mounting, clever motor assembly design which can be easily removed once isolated allowing for cleaning and maintenance if necessary. Supplied with simple user control - wired remote switch for operating between trickle, medium and boost speeds or automatic sensing in conjunction with switch live and SMART humidity and timer controls.

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