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Looking to eradicate damp & mildew in your property?

Properly ventilating your property requires fresh air to be supplied and stale air to be removed, along with the moisture in the room. Mould and mildew build up over time when moisture build-up isn't addressed. We have a range of intermittent, continuous and PIV fans units that help to remove stale and damp air to minimise the chances of having a harmful internal environment.

Do you need to ventilate a loft space or basement property?

A loft space normally does not need ventilating. A basement property falls under the same regulations as any other property as per Approved Document F.

To create cross-ventilation within a room, where should low velocity air valves be positioned?

NHBC best practice states that this should be in the corner furthest away from the door in the room, however tests have proved that air will filter to all corners of a room even if the valve is placed above the door.

What is the minimum distance away from the hob that Extracting air valves should be installed in a kitchen?

600mm away from the hob on the plans

How is it possible to reduce Air flow resistance within the MVHR system?

Increase ductwork size, Reduce bends, have sweeping bends instead of tight bends, shorter duct runs, have main duct runs to rooms with increased air flow requirements.

Why use MVHR?

MVHR systems renew the air in your property whilst in colder months recovering up to 96% of the heat lost through standard ventilation means.

Is trickle ventilation is needed for MVHR?

No, all ventilation for the property will go through the MVHR unit.

Do I need to ventilate my property?

Yes, From BRE 398 (released in 1994) ventilation is required in all new build properties.

My house has overheating issues, can your units help?

Yes, any of our MEV ventilation systems up to our ComfoCool system can help to cool a property, however there is other considerations as well which can help cool your property.

Isn’t running an MVHR system continuously expensive?

Our Vireo HR155WM costs approximately £25 per annum which is approximately 0.6 pence per day.