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The range revolves around a one product concept running continuously by using as little as one Watt when running.

What is dMEV and how does it work?

dMEV decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (System 3) is a whole house ventilation methodology which consists continuously running extract fans and background ventilators (where applicable).

It works on the same basis as a continuously running central system, (MEV) but is a local, in room approach. Fans are located in every wet room and run continously at low trickle speeds and then boost as required via light switch or homeowner control.

Building Regulation Requirements ADF:2010

Building Regulation Requirements ADF:2010

In order to calculate the whole ventilation building rate you need to know;

  • Floor Area
  • Number of wet rooms
  • Number of habitable rooms
  • Number of occupants

Note: Background ventilators may be required in some dwelling air permeability designs.

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