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Unity CV3

Low energy continuously running fan

Unity CV3 is a smart continuously running (dMEV) fan from Greenwood - launched in November 2017.

Ideal for new and existing homes, it has been designed to take on board the continued importance of reducing energy consumption, easy compliance with Regulations and contribution to well-being by eliminating nuisance noise and contributing to improving indoor air quality.

Meets LABSS requirements.

Here are the top 5 things you should know about the Unity CV3;

  • It's designed with 'Do Not Disturb' technology This is so that it never causes a nuisance and is less likely to be turned off (meaning high risk of damage to building fabric and occupant health) The technology includes SMART Humidity sensing, a SMART overrun timer and a brand new Do Not Disturb setting to tackle nuisance running at night - e.g. between the hours of 10pm and 7am

  • It's designed to deliver Guaranteed Installed Performance. With airflow sensing technology it will sense, react and extract to the correct performance for each installation. This helps eliminate mould and condensation caused by poor fan performance (even it's making a noise - it might not be ventilating effectively).

  • It's ultra ultra efficient.

  • Energy Consumption is at an all time low with CV3. It costs less than two cans of baked beans to run for the entire year (it's just 97p!) and it' also got an excellent SFP performance for new build dwellings (See PCDB Information)

  • It's a 'one fan' solution for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and WC's. This makes it easy for large scale planned new build and maintenance programmes 

  • It's the first ever fan with contactless technology! For simple set up, customisation and the best, detailed data logging ever. You can tap into real time information including run time, power off cycles, average and current humidity and temperature levels that can aid informed decision making concerning costly issues around mould and condensation 

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