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Omnique OF100

Omnique safe and secure window fan - The only window fan accredited by the Secured by Design Initiative

The UK's first and only Secured by Design Accredited window fan:

Intruder proof

Privacy design

GIP: ventilation performance

Did you know that burglary in urban areas is twice the national average per 1000 households?

Security is of upmost importance in housing, and espeically social housing to protect homes and tenants and ensure confidence in the wider community.

The Omnique Window Fan is one of a kind and has been designed in conjunction with social landlords who have directly experienced issues with window fans used as a means of entry into a home as well as those responsible for the design and specification of safe products in housing.

  • Complies with system 1

  • Complies to: low voltage directive & EMC compatibility directive

  • 5 year warranty

  • UKAS accreditation

  • Suitable for zone 1 and 2

  • IPX4 rated

  • CE UKCA marked

Watch Now - Why a Secure Window Fan is crucial to homes

5 things you should know about Omnique:

1. It's the ONLY Secured by Design Window Fan in the UK - PASSING the stringent testing criteria of PAS24:2010

2. It's enhanced PRIVACY design means that no-one can see directly through the fan into the property on low level or open balcony property installations

3. It's MULTIFUNCTION meaning that you can give the installation team one fan for all house types and applications

4. It's completely ADJUSTABLE so if the duct run is a bit longer than average or occupancy is higher or humidity, mould and condensation seem to be a problem you can increase/decrease the fan speed for effective ventilation in every installation

5. It's got SMART technology which means is LOW ENERGY and does the job it is supposed to do quietly and discreetly in the background - no more nuisance running in the middle of that hot humid summer evening

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