Greenwood Airvac Smart Technology Apps

A breakdown of our SMART Technology

GIP (Guaranteed Installed Performance)

What's the point if it isn't doing its job? You might see a fan, and even hear it, but how do you know it's performing correctly?

GIP or Guaranteed Installed Performance is a core principle of Greenwood Airvac, and above all it stands for getting ventilation right.

From design to sign-off, we want to ensure a healthy indoor air quality, speedy installation and the reduction of risk associated with non-compliance. Our solutions are designed to offer the easiest and SMARTest assistance in achieving regulatory compliance, or getting the right performance for the room or property on-site and continue to perform once they are installed.

GIP is key to the best airflow performance, the best energy efficiency and elimination of noise from within the living environment. We are a GIP Company and this comes with many benefits for specifiers, installers and end users;

  • We offer solutions that assist in the delivery of GIP - with 100% on-site adjustability
  • We offer solutions with integral SMART Technology that improve and ease the installation and set-up processes and ensure the product works in conjunction with its installed environment
  • We help reduce the risk of non-compliance and any other issues with Building Control which can be costly
  • We contribute to installer happiness - we have simple and SMART commissioning processes for our GIP products
  • We use our expertise and extensive experience in applying ventilation in domestic properties to ensure all criteria is met - for the designer, the installer, and, importantly, the end user
  • We are always here to help

Greenwood HumidiSMART™

Humidity controlled ventilation which can't be adjusted and that works with the installed environment.

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Greenwood HumidiSMART™

A new and revolutionary way of monitoring humidity levels to provide effective ventilation in domestic properties all year round.

Greenwood HumidiSMART™ is a patented technology designed to respond only to man-made humidity spikes caused by showers, baths and cooking. It ensures that ventilation is delivered when it is needed and not due to naturally occurring rises in levels of background humidity (like a humid summer's evening!)

It has been designed:

  • To remove nuisance running (especially in the middle of the night!!!)
  • To eliminate unnecessary heat loss caused by activating the fan when it isn't needed
  • To provide the correct level of ventilation for the property and therefore optimal energy consumption
  • So that it can't be adjusted by installers or end users and, therefore, protects the property all year round

"Greenwood HumidiSMART™ simply adjusts itself to work with the changing levels of background humidity that can vary by up to 60% throughout the year!"

Greenwood TimerSMART™

In the bathroom for 5 mins...overrun for 5 mins...a timer extract fan that works to minimise noise!

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Greenwood TimerSMART™
A new and logical approach to timer operation used in domestic ventilation fans and whole house systems.

It has been designed to automatically adjust the running time of the fan depending on room occupancy time rather than working on a pre-set runtime period e.g. in the bathroom for 10 mins, overrun for 10 mins - rather than having a generic 15min overrun timer.

It has been designed to;

  • Optimise energy usage once installed
  • Provide the appropriate levels of ventilation - no under or over ventilating the room unnecessarily
  • Eliminate unnecessary heat loss
  • Eliminate nuisance night time running

"Greenwood TimerSMART™ is a logical step in ensuring GIP Guaranteed Installed Performance is achieved and works with the installed environment in the most effective way - it also can’t be adjusted so provides assurance of year round protection of property and its occupants"

Greenwood CommissionSMART™

Say, "hello" to the wizard - a simple 8 step commissioning process for Vireo Heat Recovery (others have up to 27 steps!)

Greenwood CommissionSMART™- innovative design controls and features on Greenwood products that are simply there to make on-site set-up and commissioning the easiest it can be.

Greenwood CommissionSMART™ technology supports the installer on-site by providing controls that allow the accurate and simple commissioning of a ventilation unit or system. Using innovative SMART touch pads, wireless connectivity and set-up wizards, the process (as far as possible) is automated, increasing the speed and ease of achieving Guaranteed Installed Performance and reducing risk of non-compliance on-site.

"Installer happiness is always on our agenda - we are concerned with GIP and need to make it easy to achieve - it started with the SMART Pad on CV2GIP and is now presented through our commissioning wizard on Vireo (MVHR) - watch our YouTube video to see exactly how simple it is."

Greenwood SummerSMART™

Imagine a whole summer without filtered incoming air - unlike others, our MVHR range filters the air even when the summer by-pass mode is activated.

Greenwood SummerSMART™

This innovative technology ensures a home is comfortable 365 days a year, especially in warmer summer months, and is available only on a selection of models in our Heat Recovery range. By activating a summer by-pass mode, the Heat Recovery Unit continues to provide whole house ventilation but without the heat recovery element to prevent over-heating in homes.

"What sets Greenwood SummerSMART™ apart from the rest is that it isn't filter by-pass. Once the summer by-pass mode is activated, the incoming supply air is still passed through the ISO Coarse >45% (G3) filters. On other units there would have been 47 days* (a whole summer!) of unfiltered air entering homes - not ideal in the summer, and especially not ideal for occupants who have allergies!!"

*47 days based on temperature readings from

Greenwood ConnectSMART™

Tap in to real time information. It's the first ever fan with contact less technology - enabling data transfer from your smart phone!

Greenwood CarbonSMART™

All Greenwood CarbonSMART™ products can demonstrate tangible savings in running costs and energy usage when compared against their standard alternatives.
Greenwood CarbonSMART™
Our products such as the Vireo range, Omnique, Unity, Samika and MEV are CarbonSMART as they utilise the most efficient design, balancing watts and airflow performance in the most effective way. Our products are manufactured using very low energy consuming components. For products suitable for refurbishment we also offer a free 100% recycling scheme. Click here to find out more.

Greenwood WinterSMART™

No matter what how cold the temperature gets outside, your ventilation system will still be protected and provide you with comfort throughout the winter months.

Greenwood WinterSMART™

This label ensures you will have a comfortable balanced indoor environment 365 days a year. Available on Vireo models in our heat recovery range.

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