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CD Window

Low noise commercial ventilation

Commercial Window Fan available in 6",9" and 12" models. Suitable for glazing thickness up to 32mm and wall panels of 360mm. Switches and remote sensor options available.

  • Can be bought as a full kit or individual specification components

  • Self-adhesive external plate allows easy one person fix on-site.

  • Thermoactuated back draught shutters ensures silent operation and positive closure when fan is off.

  • Reversible supply or extract, variable speed operation.

  • Choice of controllers, remote and integral sensors.

  • Suitable for glazing thickness of up to 32mm and wall/ panels of 360mm.

  • Low noise levels.

  • 6", 9" and 12" models available

  • 2 year warranty

  • CE marked

  • IPX4 rated

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