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S Vent

One of the most popular choices for passive ventilation.

Standard Through Frame Slotvent for passive ventilation, available in 3 sizes offering up to 4200mm2 equivalent area. Choice of control options including pull cord and available in a range of colours including grey as standard.

The S Vent is a classically styled through-frame Slotvent that provides background passive ventilation in line with the requirements of the current Building Regulations ADF 2010. Widely specified, the S Vent range is broad offering 3 control options and 7 colour variants.

Key Stats;

  • Available in 2500mm², 3200mm² and 4200mm² equivalent area models (England and Wales)

  • Two slot height configurations: 12.5mm or 16mm to vary equivalent area performance

  • Front, Bottom and Pull Cord control options

  • Widely specified in social sector window replacement programmes

  • Many colour options including white, brilliant white, brown, tan, grey, cream, white inner/brown outer/grey outer/tan outer - RAL colours available on request

  • Additional colours available - please contact

  • Suitable for installation with internal sleeve to improve window integrity

  • UKAS accreditation

  • Fully accredited and tested The F Vent has been independently tested at a third party accredited test house to all of the current British Standards. Please see performance tab for full air permeability, Watertightness, noise and equivalent area performance information.

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