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L Vent

Suitable for low profile window frames

L Vent is a the slimmest window vent in the range utilising a small 10mm rout and is suitable for profiles within limited space. Available in white and brown with bottom operation. Manufactured from PVC.

The L Vent is one of the slimmest window ventilators on the market and is suitable for low profile window frames where space to install a window vent is restricted.

Key Stats;

  • Available in two models offering 1600mm² and 3200mm² equivalent area (England & Wales)

  • Bottom operation

  • 10mm rout required

  • Available in a range of colours including white, brilliant white, brown, tan, white inner and then brown outer or tan outer

  • Smaller model offers excellent sound attenuation to 37dB(A) when in the open position

  • UKAS accreditation

  • Fully accredited and tested The L Vent has been independently tested at a third party accredited test house to all of the current British Standards. Please see performance tab for full air permeability, Watertightness, noise and equivalent area performance information.

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