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HD Vent

Easy to install slotvent

HD Vent is a shutter style slotvent offering high equivalent area performances from two models and is available in a range of colours. Front operation only.

The HD Vent is a shutter style Slotvent, designed to provide background ventilation in line with current Building Regulation performance as set out in ADF 2010. Available in a range of colours, two sizes provide up to 6800mm² equivalent area airflow performance.

Key Stats;

  • Two models available in four configurations for window profile and over-frame installation applications

  • For window profiles; 2 models offering 3200 and 6400mm² Equivalent Area (England & Wales)

  • For overframe; 2 models offering 3400 and 6800mm² Equivalent Area (England & Wales)

  • Designed to deflect air upwards when open to eliminate issues with draughts when the Slotvent is installed

  • High performing external louvered grille which offer excellent weather protection is provided as external component

  • Recessed flyscreens provided for over-frame installations

  • Front operation

  • Available in white, brown and brilliant white - RAL colours available on request

  • UKAS accreditation

  • Fully accredited and tested The HD Vent has been independently tested at a third party accredited test house to all of the current British Standards. Please see performance tab for full air permeability, Watertightness, noise and equivalent area performance information.

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