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F Vent

Dramatically reduce installation time with an this slimline slotvent with an innovative clip-fit

F Vent is a slimline through frame slotvent offering an innovative clip-fit installation option which can dramatically reduce installation time. Available in a range of performances and colours. Manufactured from PVC. Bottom Operation.

The F Vent is a slimline through frame Slotvent that provides and unobtrusive finish on the window profile when installed and has been designed to provide the background ventilation rates as set out in the current Building Regulations ADF 2010.

Key Stats;

  • Up to 2634mm² equivalent area (England & Wales)

  • Available in clip-fit and screw fix installation options

  • 10 or 12mm routing options

  • Bottom operation

  • Range of colour options including white, brilliant white, brown, tan and white inner/brown outer and white inner/tan outer

  • Additional colours available on request

  • Clip-fit installation

  • UKAS accreditation

  • Fully accredited and tested The F Vent has been independently tested at a third party accredited test house to all of the current British Standards. Please see performance tab for full air permeability, Watertightness, noise and equivalent area performance information.

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