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The smallest slotvent in the market

Smallest slotvent on the market to offer 5000mm2 Equivalent Area from one single unit. Manufactured from aluminium alloy and available in white and brown. Perfect for new build applications with high background ventilation rate requirements.

The 5000EA is the smallest Slotvent on the market delivering 5000mm² equivalent area through one single unit. Available in a range of colours, the Slotvent is manufactured from a high quality aluminium alloy material with front control operation.

Key Stats;

  • Smallest 5000mm² Equivalent Area at just 410mm long (England & Wales)

  • Easy to apply 13mm rout for installation on window profile

  • Suitable for use where a high level of equivalent area is required with System 1 of Building Regulations

  • Manufactured from aluminium alloy

  • Excellent air tightness performance increasingly important with dwelling air pressure tests in new build houses and apartments

  • Aesthetically pleasing design offering an unobtrusive finish once installed

  • Easy to control for the homeowner, designed with upward air deflection to eliminate risks with draughts once the Slotvent is installed

  • Suitable for use on all types of widow profiles

  • Available in white and brown - RAL colours available on request

  • UKAS accreditation

5000mm² Equivalent Area Performance from the smallest vent at 410mm long High levels of background ventilation are required when applying System 1 of the Building Regulations in new dwellings; Intermittent Extract Ventilation and Background vents e.g. 55,000mm² equivalent area and space on the window profiles can sometimes be an issue. The 5000EA Slotvent is the smallest unit on the market that achieves a high equivalent area performance and therefore is the perfect solution for new build properties who have the high background ventilation rates that need to be achieved.

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