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Variable slotvent

Our variable window vents have been designed with flexibility in mind; allowing the option to partially close the vent enabling a comfortable flow of natural ventilation.

  • Suitable for use where a high level of equivalent area is required and to achieve the minimum room requirements under the latest Building Regulations (between 4000mm² ea and 10,000mm² ea depending on the room and type of dwelling)

  • Each model is able to be installed with the option of two equivalent areas (2000/2500 mm² ea or 4000/5000mm² ea) meaning lower stock requirements

  • Variable control allowing users to fully or partially close the internal vent achieve the desired flow of natural ventilation

  • Manufactured from tough and strong ASA plastic which is known for high impact wear and UV resistance - minimising the risk of decolouration and weathering

  • Excellent air tightness performance, increasingly important with dwelling air pressure tests

  • Aesthetically pleasing design –unobtrusive when installed

  • Optional installation mechanism using the provided fixing clips or fixing screws


  1. Prepare the window frame with the correct slot sizes.

  2. Use the provided fixing screws or fixing clips to install the canopy and vent.

  3. Fit the end caps by pushing them into each side of the canopy and vent.

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