Continuous Extract / dMEV

A simple solution for whole house ventilation

Unity CV2

Continuously running bathroom and kitchen fan

Product Specification

Unity CV2GIP is a dMEV (decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation) continuously running extract fan that complies with System 3 in the Building Regulations. Revolving around a one product concept, it is one single unit which can be applied to all wet rooms including kitchen, bathroom, utility and WCs. With an ultra-low energy DC motor and mixed flow impellor, Unity CV2GIP assists in the delivery of Guaranteed Installed Performance onsite, now a fundamental part of Building Regulation compliance.

Meets LABSS requirements.

Greenwood SMART Technology is designed into this product:



Model & Control Options



Unity has been designed to please both social landlords and tenants alike – delivering low energy, quiet running, effective ventilation 365 days per year!

  • Performance Not Power - Unity CV2GIP delivers the correct airflow performance with the lowest possible energy requirement for Building Regulation compliance
  • A Greenwood GIP product - 100% adjustable on-site for easy compliance
  • It complies with System 3 (dMEV), removing the need for high background ventilation rates (window vents)
  • EST Best Practice compliance with a Specific Fan Power as low as 0.16 W/l/s
  • Includes Greenwood SMART Technology for even better ventilation in the home
  • Available in a CV2GIP SELV extra low voltage option for bathrooms: CV2SVGIP
  • Ultra quiet running noise as low as 10dB on trickle speed

What else should you know about Unity CV2GIP?

  • Performance, performance, performance!
    The original dMEV solution, Unity CV2GIP has been designed to ensure Guaranteed Installed Performance is achieved for Building Regulation compliance and sign off. With 100% adjustability, Unity can be set at the point of installation, tested and signed off to the airflow rates set out in ADF:2010 without over or under ventilating, or adjusting itself once installed, which itself can cause nuisance noise. For dMEV the mixed flow impellor is ideal and good practice for retaining low energy consumption as continuous ventilation rates are low, e.g. 5 l/s up to 13 l/s, meaning that ducting resistance will cause minimal impact on performance.

  • Greenwood CommissionSMART
    To enable a simple on-site process and ensure GIP is easy to achieve, CV2GIP has been designed with the first ever SMART Pad which is located at the front of the unit. Once on-site, the installer simply sets up the unit by selecting the room type, trickle or boost speeds and then turning controls, such as humidity and timer, on. No more dip switches located at the back of the unit - a simpler, SMARTer and better way of assisting the delivery of Guaranteed Installed Performance and keeping installers happy.

  • Greenwood GIP product - 100% adjustability
    Unity CV2GIP is a Greenwood GIP product - designed to assist in the delivery of Guaranteed Installed Performance easily. Using the innovative SMART pad, located at the front of the unit, installers simply select the room, e.g. kitchen or bathroom, and then, using the + and - buttons, can simply increase the speed of the fan in 1 l/s increments. With on-site testing now happening for regulation compliance, and walls and ceilings all having an impact on performance, the need for adjustability is crucial.

  • Greenwood TimerSMART
    A SMARTer way of ensuring ventilation is delivered effectively to a home - using duration of occupancy to determine the length of time the fan overruns in boost mode rather than a pre-set generic time of, say, 15 minutes. In the bathroom for 10 minutes - overrun on boost speed for 10 minutes. A simple and logical approach to reducing nuisance noise, nuisance running and unnecessary heat loss, keeping energy performance as low as possible.
  • Discreet and very quiet running
    With a circular design and finish, Unity CV2GIP has been designed to blend effortlessly with its background and will look fabulous with any bathroom or kitchen décor style. To support this, Unity CV2GIP has also been designed with very low running noise - as low as 10dB(A) on trickle speed.

Unity CV2GIP is now available in an extra low voltage SELV model. This is ideal for bathroom installations and compliments the product offer into refurbishment, particularly social housing projects.

    * IPX5 rated for walls, IPX4 rated for ceilings

    Wiring: Must comply with IEE Regulations

    Fuse: 3 amp normally required (when fan is supplied from a 6A lighting circuit no local fuse is required)

    Electrical specification:
    220–240V~50Hz Class II
    SELV Class III

    Cable: Ø 1mm² max

    Installation: Wall or ceiling

    Min 1.1W
    Max 5.4W

    These are the typical ancillaries required for the installation of the Unity CV2GIP in an apartment or a house - to view ancillaries in more detail, please click here

    • SP13
    • EG1
    • GD4/GD8
    • PFACV2
    • GG42
    • Flexiduct
    • FF100

    More about the CV2

    Greenwood HumidiSMART
    A patented technology, Greenwood HumidiSMART uses the actual installed environment to boost ventilation in conjunction with humidity sensing, reacting only when a man-made spike in humidity levels is created and, therefore, ensuring optimal ventilation provision to the home. With traditional humidity sensing there is an activation point which, once reached, boosts the fan. This type of sensing however does not distinguish between ambient and man-made humidity and, therefore, may activate when it is a particularly hot humid summer evening. This can cause unnecessary nuisance running, especially in the middle of the night!