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Acoustic wall ventilator

Highest performing acoustic wall ventilator in the UK - the MA3051 is ideal for new build applications where noise planning restrictions are in place. Providing up to 55dB reduction and suitable for wall thicknesses of 140mm and above. Supplied with white external grilles.

Our MA3051 is the highest performing acoustic background ventilator, providing acoustic attenuation to Dn,e,w 55dB.

  • 2500mm² equivalent area performance

  • Suitable for external wall thicknesses of 140mm and above

  • Internal controllable trickle ventilator

  • Internal wall constructions of between 100mm and 150mm

  • Supplied with internal controllable vent and white external grilles

  • Conforms to acoustic requirements of Noise Insulation Regulations 1975; one of only a small number of products available in the UK

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