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2500EA/5000EA AC1

Acoustic window ventilator

Smallest acoustic window vent providing 5000mm² equivalent area ventilation on the market whilst achieving Building Regulations' EA requirements along with acoustic performances up to 45dB(A)

Our 2500EA and the 5000EA equivalent area vents are the smallest acoustic window vents on the market and achieve the best acoustic performance for window ventilators in the UK - up to 45dB(A) It is a simple and adaptable solution for windows in residential dwellings that have external noise issues or planning restrictions.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides 2500mm2 or 5000mm2 equivalent area from a single vent (based on unit selected)

  • Modular acoustic components offers a range of acoustic performances and flexible installation options

  • Excellent airtightness performance with upward air deflection to reduce the risk of draughts

  • Manufactured from Aluminium Alloy

  • For full specification and dimensions please download the technical datasheet

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