Greenwood SMART Technology

How SMART can ventilation be?

How SMART can ventilation be? We take out noise, unnecessary running and unnecessary energy usage, amongst other things, so that we offer simple solutions that provide optimal performance in homes.

SMART Technology in practise...

SMART Technology comes in sensors, controls and design features within our products, usually our GIP product range.

The very first SMART Technology launched was Greenwood CommissionSMART™ Technology on our iconic Unity CV2GIP product.

The first of its kind - the SMART touch-pad was designed to improve and simplify the process of set-up and commissioning onsite. With all of the relevant and required features located in one place, the SMART touch-pad is easily accessible on the front of the fan; making is easy once it has been wired and installed in the wall or ceiling.

The second introduction of SMART Technology was Greenwood HumidiSMART™ which has taken humidity controlled ventilation by storm - now available in Unity CV2GIP, Omnique, Samika, Vireo MVHR and Centair CMEV.4e.

Humidity controlled ventilation uses humidity levels sensed in a room to boost ventilation - either turning it on or moving from a trickle speed to a boost speed. Why?? Because humidity means moisture which in turn needs to be extracted. Failure to provide effective ventilation causes mould, condensation and damp.

Greenwood HumidiSMART™ provides humidity controlled ventilation without nuisance running (in the middle of the night!), unnecessary heat loss and energy consumption from homes. It activates ventilation in response to man-made spikes in humidity only because it works with the 'real time' installed environment and knows exactly what the normal level of humidity is at any given point in time. It then uses this as its base line to look for spikes.

Traditional humidity sensors usually provide ventilation when it is needed, but it is often when it isn’t needed that the fan still comes on... WHY???? Because it uses a generic base line to activate the fan e.g. 65%. If it happens to be a hot summer's evening and the windows are open in the bathroom, this will activate the fan therefore causing nuisance running and unnecessary energy consumption!

The third SMART technology in practise is Greenwood CommissionSMART™ designed into Vireo, a brand new range of heat recovery ventilation units that offer the easiest and fastest commissioning process ever!

SMART Technology is a fusion of sensors, controls and design features that make Greenwood ventilation products easier, better and SMARTer than anyone else’s and focus on eliminating:

1. Nuisance running (especially at night!) which is often associated with sensor controls such as humidity

2. Unnecessary heat loss (fuel poverty is on our agenda) often associated with over-ventilation from humidity and timer sensors, but also linked with airflow rates and performance

3. NOISE!!!!! (don't think we need to say anymore!)

4. Energy consumption - because ventilation doesn't have to cost the earth - as little as a penny a day to run!

5. Incorrect installation and set up - one of the main contributors to mould and condensation and nuisance noise!