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Sensors & switches

Range of integral and remote sensors and switches

Product Specification

The range of sensors and switches for the Eco Commercial range of 6", 9" and 12" fans offer integral or remote control options including humidity, air quality, passive infra red, temperature, timer and many options for ventilation in commercial buildings.


The Eco Commerical range of 6", 9" and 12" fans offer ventilation for a range of commerical buildings including pubs, clubs and kitchens. In addition to a broad offer for varying applications including wall, window, roof and ceiling, a range of sensors and swtiches for integral or remote operation offer full control of ventilation .

  • Sensors designed to control fan effectively in response to changes in environment e.g. air quality, temperature, humidity, passive infrared: HH-R, AQ-R, PIR-R, TH-R, TA-R, HH6, HH9, HH12,

  • Switches work on conjunction with integral and remote sensors and include forward/reverse, variable and eco setting options; AQ6, AQ9, AQ12, PIR6, PIR9, PIR12, TH6, TH9, TH12, TA6, TA9, TA12, RC-4,

  • Ability to control multiple fans depending on sensor type

  • More than one remote sensor can be connected to fan to offer complete control of ventilation

  • Download Datasheet for full breakdown of sensor and switch options for the Eco Commerical Range

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