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Superduct centrifugal induct fan

Physical Specification

High performance induct fan designed to complement both domestic and commercial fan ranges. Range of four Superduct fans available to suit all design requirements.

Models & Control Options

  • High performance straight-flow centrifugal induct fans
  • Superduct fans complement both Greenwood Airvac domestic fan ranges and commercial fan ranges
  • Range of four Superduct fans available to suit all design requirements
  • Designed for high pressure and long ducting systems
  • SOC controllers and TAR overrun timer control option
  • Ultra quiet operation and easy installation
  • Constructed from galvanised steel to withstand high running temperatures
  • Moisture proof units, IP44 rated

Wiring: Must comply with IEE Regulations

Cable: 1mm2 Ø max or min

Fuse: 3 amp (when fan is supplied from a 6A lighting circuit no local fuse is required)

Electrical specification: 230V~50Hz Class I


SD100 41W
SD150 71W
SD200 115W
SD250 185W
SD315 190W

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