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CD Pitched Roof

Pitched roof fan with variable speed operation

Product Specification

Commercial pitched roof fan available in 6", 9" and 12" models with picture frame adaptor for retro-fit installations. Thermo-actuated backdraught shutters offer position closure when the fan is off. A range of switches and sensor options is available.


Models & Control Options


  • Available as individual components pr as a complete kit which includes fixing plate for suitably spaced purlins and trimmers

  • Reversible, supply and extract, variable speed operation

  • Thermoactuated backdraught shutters ensure silent operation and positive closure when the fan is off

  • Choice of controllers, remote and integral sensors

  • Kit enables components to be accessible from inside providing easy access for maintenance

  • 6”, 9” and 12” models available

Wiring: Must comply with IEE Regulations

Cable: 1mm2 Ø max or min

Fuse: 3 amp (when fan is supplied from a 6A lighting circuit no local fuse is required)

Electrical specification: 230V~50Hz Class I

6" Pitched Roof (as a Kit) Boost = 38W, Eco = 20W
9" Pitched Roof (as a Kit) Boost= 50W, Eco = 37W
12" Pitched Roof (as a Kit) Boost = 100W, Eco = 70W

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