Positive Input Ventilation PIV

Tired of suffering with problem properties?

Our Positive Pressure units offer the perfect solution for consistent mould and condensation issues.

Positive Input Ventilation - how does it work?

Positive Pressure, or Positive Input Ventilation, is a whole house ventilation strategy for existing homes. It is an ideal solution for homes with consistent indoor air quality, condensation and mould problems and has been successfully used to eliminate these problems in social housing around the UK.

Positive pressure units provide whole house ventilation by continuously introducing fresh air into the dwelling via a mechanical input fan which is usually installed in the loft space in a house or a cupboard in an apartment. With a continuous supply of air into the dwelling it becomes positively pressurised. This in turn forces moisture and airborne particles to leave through natural paths in the dwelling's façade.

Once installed and working, the continuous ventilation leaves the home free of high levels of humidity and creates an environment where condensation and mould can't form.

Five facts worth knowing about Positive Input Ventilation.
  1. PIV is one of the most cost effective whole house ventilation solutions for existing homes as it requires very limited ducting and few penetrations in the external façade of the building
  2. PIV units use free solar energy generated from the natural solar gain in lofts which, in turn, maximises comfort and contributes to annual energy savings
  3. PIV is a proven solution to condensation and mould growth problems in properties, e.g. Section 82 cases in relation to the Environmental Protection Act 1990
  4. PIV can be applied to existing houses and apartments
  5. PIV won't cost tenants the earth - as little as a penny a day to run in fact!

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