Noise & Acoustics

Noise is an increasing issue in domestic buildings today as brownfield sites are re-developed

Noise issues

Noise is an increasing issue in domestic buildings today as brownfield sites are re-developed, often situated close to busy roads, airports and industrial sites.

Providing effective ventilation without the transfer of external noise is an important factor in building design and development, especially when noise becomes a planning issue. In instances where noise issues are a planning consideration, it may be necessary to install acoustic ventilation solutions that provide the required replacement air into the dwelling and reduce noise intrusion for occupants or look at alternative mechanical ventilation options including whole house heat recovery which requires very few penetrations in the external facade of the building itself.

Acoustic ventilation

Ventilation products that reduce noise transfer, whilst ensuring effective levels of airflow in the home are tested to provide a Dn,e,w performance that identifies the level of acoustic reduction performance.

Greenwood offers a range of passive and mechanical products that are available with varying performances, including the highest performing wall ventilator available on the market.

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Considerations for specification

When specifying acoustic ventilation, a number of issues should be considered to ensure the most cost effective solution is used:

  • Ventilation method – which method is being used under ADF?

  • Application – window or wall?
  • SAP calculations – is the method of acoustic ventilation energy negative?
  • Does it impact on DER? (Domestic Emission Rates)
  • Cost – is this the simplest installation and how many do I need in each room?