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Heat Recovery Unit Filter Replacement

Welcome to the Greenwood Heat Recovery filter reminder service. Filter replacement is important to ensure the efficient running of your Heat Recovery Unit therefore maximising the benefits of fresh clean air throughout your property. You can simply register below and we will be in touch when your filters need changing.

We advise you to check your filters every 6 months and change your filters once a year. However depending on the pollution level this might be more frequent than once a year. If you have any questions regarding your MVHR unit or filters please contact our technical team

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It is important that we know which product you have installed in your home so that we can ensure we provide the correct filter information at the time when they need replacing.

You can find the information about your Heat Recovery unit in two ways:

  1. On the unit itself – a label will be located on the outside of the unit with the details of the model or serial number. On some units, if you lift the flap of the control pad at the front of the unit, a label with the required information is located on the underside of the cover.
  2. On the front cover of the homeowner and maintenance booklet which will have been handed to you when you moved into the property.

Alternatively, please take a photo and upload it and then we can advise you which unit it is.

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