MVHR Filter Replacements

Filters in Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems need to be replaced twice a year to maintain good levels of indoor air quality

Filters Matter!

They matter a great deal in Heat Recovery Units and for the entire Heat Recovery System.


Filters ensure that air being drawn in from outside the building is suitably filtered of any airborne particles such as dust and pollen before if enters the home. In families where there are allergies and conditions such as asthma this is a crucial part of well-being in a home with heat recovery ventilation.


If filters are clogged, the heat recovery unit won't be able to draw in air at the rate it is supposed to (just like your clogged vacuum cleaner filter!). This will then impact airflow rates (both supply and extract), it may introduce noise as the system will be working harder and overall, it will impact the comfort of the home.

We extended our GIP focus... (Guaranteed Installed Performance all the way!)

We have launched the first ever Homeowner Registration scheme for Heat Recovery Units with the objective of ensuring that performance is maintained throughout the life of the unit. This is an extension of our GIP focus - when the installers move out and the occupants move in our input doesn't end.

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