Central extract

A single loft cupboard mounted unit provides whole house extraction with low noise and low energy consumption.

What is Central Extract (MEV)?

Central Extract Ventilation (MEV) is a whole house ventilation methodology ideal for new build apartments and houses.

Consisting a centrally mounted extraction unit, usually located in a loft space or cupboard, it is then ducted around the house to each wet room (bathroom, kitchen) where a ceiling valve acts as the point of extraction.

Central Extract or MEV is a recognised ventilation methodology (System 3) in ADF:2010 and a proven low energy and efficient way of ventilating a new or existing dwelling

Building Regulation Requirements ADF:2010

The Building Regulation ADF: 2010 set out the airflow requirements for System 3 MEV Whole House Extract Ventilation in the table below (using the continuous extract airflow rates)

Building Regulations Part F

In order to calculate the airflow rates for a particular dwelling and specify a unit you need to know the following information:

1. Design Criteria
2. Floor Area of Dwelling
3. No of wet rooms
4. No of occupants

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