Greenwood G.I.P Products

G.I.P stands for Guaranteed Installed Performance

G.I.P stands for Guaranteed Installed Performance - a key requirement of Regulation Compliance.

Greenwood G.I.P products have been designed to assist achieving G.I.P onsite in many different ways.

What is a G.I.P Product?

Fundamentally, a Greenwood G.I.P Product is one that offers adjustability; after all, Guaranteed Installed Performance is about getting the ventilation rate correct from the very beginning. Airflow adjustability gives the installer or contractor the chance to achieve G.I.P and assists their ability to comply with Regulations easily and simply. Without adjustability, problems can occur with over ventilation whereby product speeds have been increased to compensate for any resistance, but are still extracting too high. Or, in the reverse, they simply do not have the airflow rates to overcome resistance of walls, windows, ceilings and ducting and, therefore, under ventilate!

In the shape of touch-pads, software wizards and wireless connectivity, Greenwood G.I.P Products are also designed with installer happiness in mind - we have made it so simple to set-up, adjust and commission our products when on-site that Guaranteed Installed Performance is so easy to achieve.

Samika - A Greenwood G.I.P Product

Samika is the only intermittent extract fan available with adjustable performance settings based on installation application. Since we know that walls, windows and ceilings impact the way in which products perform once they are installed, it is important that the performance rate can be achieved in all applications in which it is installed.

What makes it GIP?

  • 6 speed settings - defined for installation application e.g. speed 1 for WC wall installation, speed 3 for bathroom 3m ducting
  • SMART humidity and timer sensing to ensure GIP continues once the product is installed
  • Speed selector via innovative pad located at the front of the fan, easy access for any changes or review of existing speed

ComfoTube - A G.I.P Ducting Solution

ComfoTube is re-writing the ventilation rule book - a brand new range of semi-rigid ducting that signals the end of leaky connections, messy sealants and duct tape. Perfect for installation with MVHR heat recovery systems, this brand new type of ducting offers major benefits to installation time, airflow performance and all round GIP.

What makes it a GIP product?

  • Can reduce connection points by up to 75% therefore eliminating issues with air leakage which impacts ventilation performance
  • The only ducting system which can be easily cleaned thanks to a smooth patented internal coating
  • Radial system which allows individual room duct runs and simple commissioning
  • Robust, high quality products which can easily be bent and weaved through the building structure

Unity CV2GIP - A Greenwood G.I.P Product

Unity revolves around one product - a continuously running fan for the bathroom or kitchen. Suitable for refurbishment and new build applications, it is widely specified amongst developers and social landlords in the UK.

What makes it GIP?

  • 100% adjustability for trickle and boost airflow speeds
  • Commissioning touch pad located at the front of the unit for easy set-up and access
  • Smart humidity and timer sensing to ensure G.I.P is achieved once the product is in the installed environment

Unity CV3GIP - A Greenwood G.I.P Product

The new generation of continuous ventilation for bathroom and kitchen. Unity CV3 embodies all of the benefits of the CV2 with additional new ConnectSMART Technology.

What makes it G.I.P?

  • Integrated airflow sensing that ensures performance from the point of installation
  • The touch technology ensures quick and easy set-up on-site
  • Nuisance noise is eliminated with running levels as low as 14.5dB(min)
  • Contactless technology allows landlords to understand how the fan is performing in real time with a simple tap on their smart phone

Omnique - A Greenwood G.I.P Product

The first multifunction extractor fan - Omnique provides a full range of ventilation options from one single unit including intermittent, continuous, humidity, timers, SELV, and more. Designed to offer considerable savings in large scale refurbishment programmes, as it revolves around one single product specification, Omnique is one of the newest members of the Greenwood GIP Product range.

What makes it GIP?

  • 100% airflow adjustability - choose a 'room' but increase or decrease the airflow rates as required
  • Touch pad for easy installer set-up onsite - we always know how the fan has been set up
  • SMART Technology for humidity sensing and overrun timer - ensures G.I.P continues once installed in the home