Inventions and new technologies were being introduced to the world

1879 saw new inventions such as the very first Radio Transmission, Movie Projector and Incandescent Light Bulb. Amongst these innovations there was one young budding engineer determined to change the ventilation industry.

Thomas Wotton Greenwood was a ventilation engineer and a manufacturer

Thomas was growing from a young apprentice to a business owner. His company was expanding and in the next few years Thomas moved from a small showroom to Queens Chambers in Deansgate and opened premises in 151 Edmund Street eventually moving to 83 Colmore Row.


Greenwood was up and running!

By this time Thomas Greenwood had made a name for himself as a ventilating engineer. You can see one of the adverts published in 1884 which shows an array of ventilators.


Greenwood acquires new company premises in Wembley and continues to trade successfully

Over 5 decades Greenwood the company had made a name for itself in the ventilation industry and showing no signs of slowing down.


The company moves to Rustington on the South Coast

The new location would remain the home of Greenwood for over 40 years.


Greenwood is acquired by the Hunter Group

Hunter Group acquired Greenwood, providing additional expertise in construction and project management.

Hunter is acquired by ETEX; Greenwood sold to Marley Group

The Marley Group offered expertise in property development and additional services in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

ETEX acquires Marley Group

Etex Group pride themselves on science, technology and engineering, being at the forefront of industry developments and ensuring optimal performance of solutions.



The first ever Greenwood MVHR which paved the way to HRV2 and the whole Vireo range.


Unity CV100

Greenwood’s long-standing history of innovation continued with the launch of the first continuously running dMEV fan, Unity CV100. The concept was to develop an extract fan, flexible in its application and offering compliance to Building Regulations. The Unity brand name holds strong values to this day.


Zehnder Group acquire Greenwood

Zehnder Group, specialists in indoor climate solutions across radiators, radiant heating and cooling and ventilation acquire Greenwood with the explicit objective to focus on market niches, to utilise their local (UK) experience in delivering innovative solutions within the residential sector.


Centair CMEV4.e

The innovative Centair CMEV central extract unit is a whole house system that continuously extracts from all of the wet rooms in a property, introduced to comply with System 3 of the Building Regulations and provide improved indoor air quality. The product emphasized Greenwood’s standing within the ventilation industry, raising the bar on effective ventilations solutions.


Unity CV2

As an extension of the Unity brand, CV2 took the initial concept of the CV100 dMEV fan and enhanced the product with more energy efficient components to help improve the airflow performance. Guaranteed Installed Performance (GiP), with the aim of ensuring Building Regulation compliance began to gain greater prominence within the industry.


Vireo HR155

The Vireo MVHR unit offered a further extension to the Greenwood ventilation range, primarily developed for new build housing. Delivering exceptional heat recovery efficiency, Vireo also led the market with its unique commissioning wizard, providing installers with an easy 8-step process to ensure effective operation of the unit, providing ducting has been integrated effectively.


Unity CV3

Our most recent development, Unity CV3 has taken everything customers love about CV2 and made it better. Utilising more efficient components has helped to reduce noise, improve airflow performance as well as offering technological advancements to provide real-time data where required.


140 years of Greenwood

In October, we celebrated 140 years of Greenwood’s history with celebrations at the Zehnder UK HQ in Camberley, Surrey and at our production facility in Lenham, Kent. We intend to build on the innovative culture that is at our heart, and drive forward industry developments to improve indoor air quality.