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Ventilation Methodologies and their application

Ventilation solutions have developed considerably over the decades. However, as properties have become more airtight, this has led to the onset of issues such as overheating and onset of mould and condensation – issues can easily be prevented through effective ventilation measures.

This CPD outlines ventilation methodologies that can be adopted to prevent such issues, highlighting why they should be adhered to, and solutions that can be adopted. Sound design, installation and commissioning practices are discussed, along with practical maintenance and control guidance, to ensure continuous delivery of good indoor air quality.

Learning Objectives

  1. The evolution of ventilation
  2. Awareness of problems caused by poor ventilation
  3. Ventilation methodologies, system types and their advantages and disadvantages
  4. Design, installation and commissioning considerations
  5. Importance of maintenance and system controls

Target audience

Housing Authorities, Local Authorities, Engineers (all levels), Energy Managers, Specifiers, Facility Managers and Architects.

  • CIBSE certified
  • Duration: 1 hour + Q&A time
  • Free of charge!

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Overheating CPD

Urbanisation, Density Planning Restrictions and the development of more challenging sites has seen the rise of overheating issues in buildings rise significantly over the past few years.

Where new homes are required to meet high quality and insulation levels, the need for effective ventilation and cooling strategies are now crucial to comfort and well-being and to meet planning guidance and regulations.

This CPD will explore the reasons for overheating, thermal modelling examples and the benefits of using ventilation and cooling to combat overheating in homes.Learning Objectives

  • What is overheating, why is it occurring and what are the implications?
  • Regulations and Guidance surrounding overheating in homes e.g TM59
  • Importance of thermal modelling with examples utilising ventilation
  • Ventilation solutions to combat overheating

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Specifying MVHR in the design of High Code Level & PassiveHaus properties CPD

Specifying MVHR in the design of High Code Level & PassiveHaus properties

With Building Regulations calling for increasingly airtight homes, and fuel prices rising, effective and efficient heat recovery ventilation is vital.

This heat recovery ventilation CPD explains everything you need to know about heat recovery in order to successfully specify it in high code level homes and PassiveHaus projects.

All of our CPD courses are free of charge.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key principles of heat recovery ventilation and how it works
  • Learn about what constitutes a High Code Level and PassiveHaus building
  • Understand what heat recovery ventilation is needed
  • Identify which features are necessary in order to achieve compliance with High Code Levels or PassiveHaus
  • Be aware of best practise when specifying heat recovery ventilation for domestic properties

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All of our CPD courses are free of charge.