25 October 2019
October is National Home Security Month (NHSM) which presents the ideal opportunity to highlight the crucial role secure window fans play in keeping unwanted visitors from your home.
Burglars pose a huge threat to homeowners, especially as the nights draw in - studies have suggested that burglaries increase by as much as one third after the clocks go back. Every year, there are over 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries with one occurring every 40 seconds in the UK.
They are also more likely to target suburbs and urban areas, with the safest areas dominated by smaller towns and villages. Additionally, there has been an increasing number of reports of burglars entering homes via unsecure extractor window fans.
And for anyone who has ever been burgled will tell you that the cost goes way beyond the value of any items that have been stolen – the psychological impact and loss of sentimental items can live with someone for the rest of their life.

Protecting your home

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”
Jane Austen
A home should be a place where people can be themselves, relax, unwind and feel safe. A secure home can not only enhance this, but also add comfort and peace of mind. Whilst overall UK crime figures are thankfully dropping, domestic burglaries remain unchanged.
As a provider of indoor climate solutions, we don’t just aim to ensure our customers feel comfortable and healthy; we also want them to be safe and secure.
The Greenwood Omnique Window fan is the only one of its kind to be awarded the prestigious Secured by Design seal of approval. Established over 30-years ago, Secured by Design is the official UK’s police flagship initiative focusing on the design and security, particularly within homes, commercial premises and car parks. It also acknowledges the quality of security products and crime prevention products. The organisation is merely an arms’ length from the Police principles of “designing out of crime” with over one million homes now built to police crime prevention standards.
“The Omnique Window Fan was given this accreditation because it passed independent testing as a critical component within PAS24:2012 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. We are very pleased to have a window fan of this security level available now and are very excited to welcome Greenwood to Secured by Design.”
Doug Skins Development Officer at Secured by Design
Secured by Design has been proven to reduce burglary and crime rates by up to 75% on new build developments and up to 60% on refurbished developments with research and case studies showcasing the effectiveness of the principles. Independent research carried out by Huddersfield University compared 16 Secured by Design awarded new build estates against similar but non awarded estates in West Yorkshire - 85% of Secured by Design residents reported feeling safe walking alone in their area, compared to 77% of non-Secured by Design residents.

Giving tenants and landlords what they want

Standard PAS 24:2012, published by the British Standards Institute, provides a method for testing and assessing the enhanced security performance requirements of external door-sets and windows in the UK.
Tenants and landlords alike expect three things from a window fan:
  • An intruder proof design
  • Low level and accessible applications
  • And for it to meet Ventilation Performance and provide no loss of heat and no draughts
The Omnique Window Fan not only meets the standards and rigorous tests in accordance with PAS 24:2012, but it has also been designed to meet these points, ensuring homeowners can’t see directly through the fan when it is installed on a window.
It is our prerogative to play a pivotal role in providing buildings that residents and occupants are proud to live in, feel safe and secure, and are provided with innovative products that help eliminate mould and condensation.
The Omnique Window Fan ticks these boxes.

How Greenwood can help

Its enhanced privacy design means that no-one can see directly through the fan into the property on low level or open balcony property installations.
With SMART technology, the Omnique Window Fan runs at low energy, meaning it saves on energy costs and does its job quietly and discreetly. With six functions in one product, this removes the need for multiple fan options and specification.
These functions include:
  • Intermittent running mode
  • Continuous running mode
  • Pullcord control
  • SMART Timer control
  • SMART Humidistat control
  • SELV – Safety Extra Low Voltage Option

In addition, the Omnique Window Fan features 100% variable motors for precision commissioning and ensures the lowest cost and lowest noise levels are met for building regulation flow rates for end users.
However, when it comes to security, tenants need to be proactive - it is their safety on the line. This is the most important factor landlords must take into consideration – they are responsible to ensure the security of all tenants living in a property by specifying the best security products on the market.