24 September 2018

Reducing condensation and mould in social housing properties using innovative ventilation

Condensation is a common build-up of moisture that develops in both new and older structures. It can appear as damp patches on walls, ceilings or windows and if left untreated, it can cause serious structural damage to the property in addition to being harmful to the health of the inhabitants, due to mould growth. Mould develops from untreated condensation which can lead to serious health issues and breathing difficulties. Inhaling mould fragments or spores can inflame the airways, causing nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation.

Condensation appears when there is a lack of adequate ventilation in the building, leading to rising humidity, which turns to moisture within the building. Moisture and mould are of significant concern within social housing properties, as they are often older structures that are built in very close proximity to each other.

Reducing mould through ventilation

Adequate ventilation is critical for our health and wellbeing, as it can help keep homes free from harmful issues such as mould and condensation.

Greenwood Airvac which is part of the Zehnder Group, a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative ventilation systems, has developed the Unity CV3: A low energy, low noise, high performance dMEV fan with various features designed to increase installed performance and guarantee occupant comfort.

The Unity CV3 fan is designed to continuously ventilate a room, reducing risks of condensation and mould, whilst being energy efficient and noise compliant.

Minimising noise for occupants

Due to the nature of social housing, where buildings are often very close together, noise is a vital consideration when installing any permanent system. One of the main reasons why an extractor fan is turned off is due to occupants complaining of nuisance noise; Unity CV3 has been designed with this in mind, and emits just 14.5dB(A) of noise, which is less than a person whispering – 10% quieter than one of the other best performing fans on the market. This has been achieved through a combination of innovative motor, electronic and aerodynamic propeller design improvements.

The new ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature of the device specifically tackles nuisance noise at night; a time frame can be set to turn off the boost function (so that if you get up in the night, the fan won’t run).

SMART Technology

The Unity CV3 is also one of the most technologically advanced dMEV fans on the market, and only costs 97p to run for a whole year. It uses Greenwood TimerSMART& HumidiSMART technology that automatically looks at the duration of time that you usually use a bathroom for, any spikes in man-made humidity levels, and determines its runtime to be effective in extracting internal moisture.