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Fastfix/Easyfix Ducting

PVC Fastfix/Easyfix ducting

Efficient ducting systems suitable for installation with extractor fans. Fast-fix allows installations to be completed from inside and Easy-fix provides integral screw holders for rapid fixing of duct to fan. High quality products which can be cut to length on site as required.

The Easy Fix and Fast Fix Ducting Systems have been designed with installers in mind and offer quick, easy and effective installation of extractor fans in new build and refurbishment applications.

Fast Fix

  • Comprises 100mm PVC duct with external wall duct seal and external grille

  • Suitable for installation with 100mm fans

  • Designed to save time and improve safety by allowing installations to be completed internally

  • Seal between external grille and duct provides watertight seal

  • Available with brown and white external grilles to match to exterior decor as required


  • Efficient one-visit system designed to save installation time and storage cost

  • Integral screw holes ensuring rapid fixing and secures fan direct to duct

  • No need to drill and plug fixing holes

  • Simply cut on-site to length required for installation

  • ED150 hole size required: 170mm

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