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Our Accessories range

  • Ducting accessories

    A range of ducting accessories, including easy fix, fast fit and traditional flexible PVC ducting components, is available. Suitable for installation with a wide range of extractor fans. Range includes ED1, ED150, FF100 and GFP.
  • Baffle & grille accessories

    A wide range of baffles and grilles are available for installation with intermittent extract fans offering additional backdraught and weather protection. Available in a range of sizes and colours.
  • Window, Wall and Ceiling Adaptors

    A range of fixing kits for fans installed in windows. Available for the Elite, Samika, CV2 and Omnique ranges. Picture frame adaptor also available for retrospective installations where a smaller unit replaces a larger one.
  • Window fixing kits

    For extractor fans to be installed in windows we provide a wide range of secure and high quality window kits designed to offer a safe and secure installation, some of which have been developed in conjunction with social landlords. Available for Elite, Samika and Omnique.


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The quality of installation used can affect fan performance. Building Regulations now cover installation and all fans must be installed with the guidance outlined in Appendix E in ADF:2006. This guidance includes advice on ducting and grilles, which are becoming increasingly important as a result of air pressure testing in housing today. We always recommend the suitable ancillaries for use with our products, all of which are outlined in this section and on each product page throughout this guide.

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