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What is dMEV and how does it work?

dMEV DeCentralised Mechanical Extract (System 3) is a whole house ventilation metholdogy which consists continuously running extract fans and background ventilators (where applicable)

It works on the same basis as a continuously running central syste, (MEV) but is a local, in room approach. Fans are located in every wet room and run continously at low trickle speeds and then boost as required via light switch or homeowner control. 
In highly insulated dwellings e.g. <5ach@50Pa, background ventilators to 2500mm2 are required in all habitable rooms. 

dMEV Building Regulations

Building Regulation Requirements ADF:2010

Building Regulation Requirements ADF:2010 

For dMEV, single point continouusly running fans should be loacted in each wet room in accordance with the extract ventilation rates set out below.  In order to calculate the whole ventilation building rate you need to know; 

  • Floor Area
  • Number of wet rooms
  • Number of habitable rooms
  • Number of occupants 

Note: Background ventilators may be required in some dwelling air permeability designs.

Part F Building Regulations

Our Continuous Low Energy Fan Range for whole house ventilation | Low Energy Consumption Fan range

  • Unity CV3

    BRAND NEW - The next generation of low energy extractor fan. Including SMART Technology and the first ever with Contactless Technology for simple set up and real time data logging from installed environment
  • Unity CV2GIP

    Widely specified dMEV continuously running extract fan suitable for all wet rooms. Can be installed in wall and ceiling applications. Low running noise. Complies with System 3 in the Building Regulations.
  • Secured by Design Fan

    The Omnique window fan is Secured by Design accredited - the only one of it's kind which offers the safest option for window fan installations and is intruder proof - design in conjunction with Social Landlords


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