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What is Intermittent extract and how does it work?

Intermittent Extract is a classic method of ventilation and identified as System 1 in the Building Regulations.  The provision of ON-OFF ventilation through 'in room' extractorfans - bathrooms, kitchens WC's  etc and background ventilators located in windows and walls.

Systen 1 is recognised as Energy Neutral in SAP,  however Guaranteed Installed Performanceis high on the agenda with this type of system and onsite testing is increasing.

High background ventilation rates are required especially when building to <5ach@50Pa design criteria 

                                Intermittent Extract House Drawings

Building Regulation Requirements ADF:2010

The Building Regulations ADF:2010 set out the requirements for intermittent ventilation are detailed in the table below.

They are based on aiflow performance requirements for specific room types:

Building Regulations Part F

Our Intermittent Extract - Bathroom range

  • Samika LE100

    Low energy extractor fan suitable for wall, window and ceiling applications. As a Greenwood GIP product, Samika is the ONLY intermittent fan which allows application set-up at the point of installation, e.g. choose a speed setting based on installing in the ceiling or window. Includes Greenwood SMART Technology as standard.
  • Samika LE150

    Low energy extractor fan designed in line with the requirements of Guaranteed Installed Performance. Samika is the ONLY 150mm fan which allows adjustability on-site based on where it is going to be installed, e.g. wall or ceiling. Includes Greenwood SMART Technology as standard.
  • Omnique

    Omnique is a multifunctional fan offering intermittent ventilation for bathrooms and kitchens from one single unit. With excellent pressure handling, Omnique easily complies with System 1 of the Building Regulations.
  • SF90

    Surface mounted 100mm high performance centrifugal fan for bathroom and WCs with a range of control options including pull cord, timer, delay timer, humidistat and SELV extra low voltage. Integral grease filter. Continuously running model also available.
  • RF90

    Recessed 100mm high performance centrifugal fan for bathrooms and WCs with a range of control options including pull cord, timer, delay timer and humidistat. Integral grease filter as standard.
  • Select 100

    Select 100 is a classically styled bathroom extractor fan range designed to comply with current Building Regulations. A range of options and models are available including pull cord, timer, humidistat, remote switch and SELV extra low voltage.
  • Select 150

    Suitable for kitchens and utility rooms, Select 150 provides 60 l/s airflow performance in line with Building Regulations and the range includes single and dual speed options with pull cord and integral humidity and timer controls.
  • Secured by Design Fan

    The Omnique window fan is Secured by Design accredited - the only one of it's kind which offers the safest option for window fan installations and is intruder proof - design in conjunction with Social Landlords


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