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Our Multifunction range

  • Omnique

    Omnique is unlike anything else! A SMART multifunctional ventilation fan offering both intermittent and continuous ventilation options for all room types. Also includes SMART Humidity and SMART Timer control options to further enhance performance and eliminate heat loss and nusiance running. Mixed flow impellor. SMART pad for set up. Five year guarantee.
  • Secured by Design Fan

    The Omnique window fan is Secured by Design accredited - the only one of it's kind which offers the safest option for window fan installations and is intruder proof - design in conjunction with Social Landlords


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Specify one single product for all your ventilation needs - one man, one van, one fan!

Efficiency is a cornerstone of most organisations' policies and objectives and it is this policy that was part of the evolution of the first truly multifunctional fan in the UK domestic ventilation market.

Multifunction is a new type of single point fan - a fan which serves many installation applications and requirements and is especially beneficial to landlords managing, updating and providing responsive maintenance to large housing stocks because it is a single specification solution.

The straight line approach

What do we mean?

The straight line approach brings efficiency to the top of the agenda.

Imagine a large scale planned maintenance programme. A multifunctional fan like Omnique can be installed in every single bathroom and kitchen within that programme - in apartments or houses and working continuously or wired into the light switch.

Imagine ten calls are made about broken fans. A multifunctional fan like Omnique can replace any existing fan. Therefore, there is no need to drive to the property, survey the fan, drive to a depot or wholesalers to source the fan, drive back to property and finally fit the fan. You simply drive from property to property using Omnique as the single product specification - the straight line approach!

Intermittent and continuous ventilation as best practice to Building Regulations

Whether in intermittent or continuous mode, the Multifunction fan provides airflow rates as set out in ADF:2010.

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