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Our Ancillaries range

  • ComfoTube

    ComfoTube is a range of high performance, semi-rigid duct ideal for use with MVHR installations. Zero leakage and supplied on long rolls to minimise connections and easily installed within the building structure. No tape. Fully cleanable. Radial system.
  • Flat 51

    High Performance Semi-Rigid Duct designed for use with MVHR systems and ideal for apartments and houses where void space is very limited. Zero leakage and supplied on long rolls. No duct tape required. Radial System
  • GD Ducting

    Modular rigid PVC ducting systems: GD4 110 x 54mm , GD8 204 x 60mm and GD9 150mm round with rectangular sizes available. Range of components including adaptors and connectors for whole house ventilation installations.
  • Flexiduct

    A range of lightweight PVC and aluminium flexible ducting is available in a range of diameters and lengths to suit varying installations. Quality robust construction.
  • Fastfix/Easyfix

    Efficient ducting systems suitable for installation with extractor fans. Fast-fix allows installations to be completed from inside and Easy-fix provides integral screw holders for rapid fixing of duct to fan. High quality products which can be cut to length on site as required.
  • Steel Ducting

    Spiral wound galvanised steel ducting available in a range of diameters from 100 -200mm and a wide selection of components for installation with whole house ventilation.
  • Picture Frame Adaptors

    A range of picture frame adaptors provide a perfect aesthetic finish in refurbishment installations where the new product is replacing a larger product, e.g. 100mm from 150mm or larger footprint.
  • Fire Dampers

    A range of sleeves and collars to suite vertical or horizontal application and designed to protect ventilation duct that passes through fire rated ceilings or walls made from brick, block, hollow plaster board or concrete.
  • External Terminals

    A comprehensive range of wall baffles, grilles and cowls to suite all building styles and ventilation requirements. Available in a range of colours and sizes.
  • ComfoPipe & ComfoPipe +

    Airtight, rigid ducting system for use on intake and exhaust air ports
  • PIV Ducting

    Modular PVC, rectangular ducting system, specifically sized to fit with PP2FLAT range of PIV units
  • Acoustic Ducting

    For use with ventilation systems where additional acoustic protection is required
  • Attenuators

    Easily installed, attenuators are used to absorb sound from the system
  • Extract and supply valves

    A large range of supply and extract valves for multiple applications
  • Controls

    Easy-to-use control range from standard switches to fully integrated LCD displays.They can be linked with a variety of proprietary sensors to enhance comfort and offer flexibility.
  • Heat Recovery Ancillaries

    Integrated functionality from components that are designed to fit together.
  • Electric Post Heaters

    To be used in conjunction with heat recovery ventilation
  • Filters

    A range of multi-grade filters for optimised comfort and performance
  • Designer Grilles

    A range of stylish and discreet solutions to conceal the outlets for supply and extract air
  • ComfoPipe Plus Twin Duct

    Low profile ducting system which employs a combination of axial and radial sealing to ensure a strong, airtight connection.
  • Secured by Design Fan

    The Omnique window fan is Secured by Design accredited - the only one of it's kind which offers the safest option for window fan installations and is intruder proof - design in conjunction with Social Landlords


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