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Our Slotvent | Trickle Window Vents range

  • 5000EA

    Smallest slotvent on the market to offer 5000mm2 Equivalent Area from one single unit. Manufactured from aluminium alloy and available in white and brown. Perfect for new build applications with high background ventilation rate requirements.
  • HD Vent

    HD Vent is a shutter style slotvent offering high equivalent area performances from two models and is available in a range of colours. Front operation only.
  • D Vent

    D Vent is a shutter style through frame slotvent available in 2 models with options for window profile and overframe system installation. Choice of colours.
  • F Vent

    F Vent is a slimline through frame slotvent offering an innovative clip-fit installation option which can dramatically reduce installation time. Available in a range of performances and colours. Manufactured from PVC. Bottom Operation.
  • GB Vent

    GB or Gas Board Vent is designed to provide ventilation for combustion environments and conforms to BS 5440 - Part 2: 2000. Permanently Open providing 5000mm2 free area. Available in white and brown. Manufactured from PVC
  • L Vent

    L Vent is a the slimest window vent in the range utilising a small 10mm rout and is suitable for profiles within limited space. Available in white and brown with bottom operation. Manufactured from PVC
  • S Vent

    Standard Through Frame Slotvent available in 3 sizes offering up to 4200mm2 equivalent area. Choice of control options including pull cord and available in a range of colours including grey as standard


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Our through-frame Slotvent range is extensive and will cater for all your needs, with a wide range of equivalent area performances and installation options that comply with current Building Regulations.

Included are slimline products suitable for the narrowest of window profiles, low profile options that are discreet when installed and vents with clip-fit options that can dramatically reduce the time of installation in manufacture or on site.

The Building Regulations ADF:2010 Means of Ventilation prescribe the requirements for both new build and refurbishment windows.


All Greenwood products are tested at third party UKAS accredited test houses to all current British and European standards:

BS EN 13141-1:
2004 Ventilation for Buildings

BS EN 1026:
2000 Air Permeability

BS EN 1027:
2000 Watertightness

BS EN ISO 717-1:
1997 Airborne Sound Insulation

Window Vent Regulations

Download the Building Regulation requirments for Window Vents for new build and refurbishment work;

Zehnder Group