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Window fixing kits

For extractor fans to be installed in windows we provide a wide range of secure and high quality window kits designed to offer a safe and secure installation, some of which have been developed in conjunction with social landlords. Available for Elite, Samika and Omnique.
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Features and Benefits


Window fixing kits are available for when fans need to be installed in windows and offer a robust and highly secure option for ground and low level installations or for inner balcony front window installations in high rise tower blocks. 


Elite Extractor Fan Range Window Kit: EL100 and EL150

  • Fixed and secured from inside the dwelling to offer a secure and safe installation
  • Suitable for 4-28mm glazing installations
  • Comprises external louvered grill and window spacers
  • Widely specified in social housing projects in London
  • Elite fan includes thermal shutters which are completed sealed when the fan is not operating further improving security for low level installations as you can't see through the grille into the room


A totally new approach to window fixing kits;

For Omnique and Samika: The most secure and safe window kits are now available!

Designed in conunction with social housing landlords and those responsible for the specification of secure products in housing - watch the YouTube video now for the full specification

Omnique Window Kit : EWOF100

Samika Window Kit: LE100 for bathrooms and wc's and LE150 for kitchens and utility rooms










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