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ComfoAir Q 350/450/600
Brand New Innovative Heat Recovery Range offering World Class 96% heat recovery efficiencY, ultra quiet noise performance and innovative on-site commissioning via smartphone app
Features & Benefits
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Features and Benefits

ComfoAir Q  is the new generation of MVHR units for domestic properties, offering outstanding energy and noise performance, innovative on-site set up process and smart technology to ensure consistent comfort levels no matter what is going on outside.

Key features of the range;

  • World class heat recovery of 96%
  • 3 models available - 350m³/hr, 450m³/hr and 600m³/hr
  • Suitable for medium and large size properties
     Q350 - up to 160m²- Q450 - up to 180m²- Q600 - up to 230m²
  • All units have been certified as an official Passive House Component by the Passivhaus Institute
  • Left or right hand unit configuration combined in one device for installation flexibility
  • Wall mounted or free standing on mount
  • New NOx Filters now available to meet strict Air Quality Planning Requirements


ComfoAir Q helps tick all of the boxes from design through installation and handover;

  • Quick, Simple On-site Practise - use the smartphone app and 'dial a duty' for easy and accurate airflow set up

  • Comfort in the home  - the first ever modulating summer by-pass and adaptive pre-heaters have been designed to balance the needs of the internal and external environment with comfort and energy efficiency in mind - e.g. working out if the outside air is more humid that the indoor air and making adjustments accordingly

  • Save hassle during procurement - with a universal range which can be set up to be either right or left handed 

  • No noisy call backs  - it's 8 v1 when it comes to noise performance (8 ComfoAir Q units have the equivalent noise performance of 1 comparable unit currently on the market)


Find out more by downloading the ComfoAir Q Brochure

NOx Filters also available with ComfoAir Units

For all technical data  ComfoAir Q Technical Datasheet 



All product information and performance data including SFP, Heat Recovery Efficiency and Airflow/Pressure Handling is detailed in the ComfoAir Q Technical DataSheet

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