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Acoustic window ventilator
EAR42W is an acoustic window vent suitable for new build and refurbishment and can be applied to most window profiles with add on sections. Provides acoustic performance of 42dB(A).
Features & Benefits
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Features and Benefits


The EAR42W is one of the best performing acoustic window ventilators available in the UK



  • Provides an outstanding Dn,e,w; 42dB(A) for areas with high external noise transmission, those likely in PPG24 categories B, C and D


  • Humidity control to regulate supply of fresh air effectively throughout the day in response to changing indoor humidity levels


  • Manual override control option for occupants to ensure a comfortable environment at all times


  • Upward air deflection to eliminate draughts caused by replacement air


  • Manufactured from ABS – available in white as standard


  • May require add-on section in some installations
Physical Specification
Product code EAR42W
Equivalent area (mm2) 3912
Slot height (mm) 12

Slot size (mm)

Length - Central gap - Length

172 - 10 - 172
Control Bottom
Colour White

Scottish Building Regulations: Free Area Performance (see page 9 for full details). EAR42W = 3925mm².

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