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Intelligent ventilation controls for customised comfort
Easy-to-use control range from standard switches to fully integrated LCD displays.They can be linked with a variety of proprietary sensors to enhance comfort and offer flexibility.
Features & Benefits
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Features and Benefits


Our MVHR units, MEV untis and extractor fans can be simply and effectively controlled to ensure optimal performance around the clock. By combining a compatible product with its respective controller you are ensuring that the system can be truly tailored to become an integral and autonomous part of the home.


ComfoSense (CCS) 

  • Can be used as an RF bridge to communicate with other Zehnder devices within the home such as CO² sensors or wireless switches

ComfoControl Luxe (CCL)

  •  The CCL's clever seven day programmer features a graphical user interface which provides occupants with ulitmate control over their indoor climate settings


Radio frequency (CCRFZ)

  • Wireless operation allows it to be retrofitted

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