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Flat 51

Semi-Rigid Radial Ducting
High Performance Semi-Rigid Duct designed for use with MVHR systems and ideal for apartments and houses where void space is very limited. Zero leakage and supplied on long rolls. No duct tape required. Radial System
Features & Benefits
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Features and Benefits


The Flat 51 range of ducting is part of our Zehnder Comfosystems range which offers exceptional performance benefits as well as helping reduce installation time and costs on site. Flat 51 is a GIP product which assists in the delivery of Guaranteed Installed Performance.


What's the value - what's so special about this ducting system?

The Flat51 range of semi-rigid ducting is re-writing the ventilation rule book.

For the first time, installers are now a core part of Regulation compliance and quality of installation is at the forefront of everyone's minds. When MVHR is installed, we must think SYSTEM. The development of MVHR products and units as been vast in the last 5 years, the ducting, a crucial part of the system has been lagging behind... until now....

Semi-Rigid Ducting Benefits;

  • Flat 51 is a low profile ducting range ideal for ceiling voids where space is at a premium - e.g. apartments

  • Flat51 is supplied on long roils to minimise connections and is flexible to overcome site obstacles so as to eliminate sharp bends - you simply bend it, shape it any way you want it!! This offers fundamental savings for the installer on-site;


In a 4 bedroom property with 3 wet rooms, connections can be reduced by 75% - at 5 mins per connection and £5.00 labour cost you are already looking at a £432.00 labour cost saving as it is so quick to install.... plus all of the performance benefits.


  • Flat 51 It is designed with an airtight 'locking system' so requires no glues, sealants or tapes - simple push fit joints

  • It is designed to assist in the delivery of GIP Guaranteed Installed Performance and is perfect for installation with MVHR systems as it uses a radial layout approach which dramatically improves performance

    Radial Ducting Systems (ComfoTube and Flat 51) are designed to have a dedicated duct run to each room in order that the exact airflow can be achieved exactly - a function that is not possible with a traditional ducting layout as all of the branched sections have direct impact on the airflows to each room.


  • It is designed with a strong, crush resistant construction and can withstand the onsite environment easily

    "Crushed, bent or distorted ductwork is one of the most common issues of noise as airflow is dramatically affected and the unit's speed is simply increased to compensate for it and ensure that the correct flow rates are achieved"

    Image showing ComfoTube Ducting - Flat51 offers all of the same features and benefits


  • It has been designed with a smooth internal coating called Clinside which enables the ducting system to be fully cleaned therefore helping maintain performance all year round

  • Flat51 is part of the ComfoFresh range which is an award winning ducting system - "Best Brand New Product 2013"


  • Flat 51 is the best type of ducting system to use with an MVHR System installation - Bend it - Shape it - Any way you want it..


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