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Centair CMEV.4

Central mechanical extract ventilation
Centair CMEV.4 is a continuously running whole house extract unit with a high quality AC motor and low running noise. Suitable for both houses and apartments.
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Features and Benefits


Centair CMEV.4 is a whole house central extract unit that continuously extracts from all of the wet rooms in a property and works in conjunction with background ventilators to comply with System 3 of the Building Regulations as laid out in ADF: 2010.  


  •  Central extract ventilation system


  • High quality AC motor with excellent SFP performance


  • Five extract spigots for ducting connections to wet rooms


  • Wall or ceiling mounting options and can be used in new and existing properties


  • Discreet and low running noise once installed


What else should you know about Centair CMEV.4? 

  • A perfect fit
    Its compact design (one of the smallest on the market) makes it ideal for apartments and small properties that usually don’t have the window space for all of the trickle vents required with traditional ‘on and off’ extract fans.


  • Discreet - neither seen nor heard
    Designed to be centrally mounted.

  • Bend it - shape it – any way you want it! New ducting options.
    Centair CMEV.4 can be installed in conjunction with the latest development in residential ducting systems. ComfoTube is a range of semi-rigid ducting products which is supplied on long rolls and negates the need for tapes and sealants, reducing connections by up to 75% in one installation!. Robust in construction, ComfoTube is the perfect ancillary for whole house ventilation systems and further assists in the delivery of Guaranteed Installed Performance. 


  • No fuss installation
    One of the fastest units to install with fixing holes designed to hold screws when mounting to a surface.


  • From inside to out
    Energy efficient AC motor, 5 extract spigots, wall or ceiling mounting, clever motor assembly design which can be easily removed once isolated, allowing for cleaning and maintenance if necessary. Supplied with simple user control - wired remote switch for operating between trickle, medium and boost speeds.
CE MARKED2 Year GaurenteeLow Voltage

Models & Control Options



These are the typical ancillaries required for the installation of Centair CMEV.4e in an apartment or house - to view ancillaries in more detail, please click here

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